Professor of literature, writer, translator.

Jorge R Sagastume, PhD
Associate Professor

Dickinson College
Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese
Dept. of Latin American Studies
Founding editor of Sirena: Poetry, Art and Criticism

Jorge’s main area of research is translation studies and Spanish American Contemporary Theatre, but he has also published and presented papers in conferences, nationally and abroad, on Spanish American writers outside this genre, such as Borges, Cortázar, Andahazi, Desnoes, Darío, Arenas and Garcés, among others. He has taught Spanish American Narrative, Modernismo y Vanguardia, Spanish American Culture and Civilization, Literary Criticism, Semiotics of Theatre and courses on the Philosophy of Language applied to literary criticism. Jorge is the author of Responsabilidad ética en la lectura del texto teatral (2007) and the following books in translation with scholarly studies: Michael Augustin’s Un tal Koslowski y otras miniaturas surtidas (2005), Lyubomir Nikolov’s Parábolas a medianoche (2006), and Sujata Bhatt’s En busca de mi lengua (2006). He is also the founding editor of Sirena: Poetry, Art, and Criticism, published by the Johns Hopkins University Press for Dickinson College.

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